Our Story

Passion, Persistence, and a Little Serendipity…

Welcome to New Hope Flora Cottage, a microflower farm nestled in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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My name is Donna Marshall and my roots in the flower industry run deep. I got my start in the Floral Design business over 30 years ago but always felt drawn to working with locally cultivated flowers. The vibrant colors, rich varieties, and intoxicating scent evoked cherished memories from my childhood.

In 2018, I forged a new path and created my very first sustainable flower farm. For two years, I took classes, devoured books, listened to podcasts, and surrounded myself with groups of like-minded individuals. When the challenges of 2020 brought so much uncertainty for us all, I found comfort in tending to my soil. I spent my days refining organic flower growing techniques and sharing my new knowledge and specially snipped creations with neighbors. And in May 2020, Philautia Flowers was born. Meaning “self-love,” I sold bouquet subscriptions to my local community as a way to nurture well-being, boost happiness, and remind everyone of how much beauty can be found in the small, simple things in life. 

But that was only the beginning. In 2022, I officially purchased what I now lovingly refer to as my “cozy little cottage.” And every day since, I’ve woken up excited to pour my heart and expertise into planting these gardens, serving as the best possible steward for this green space, and educating others on all that I’ve learned. From the moment I first drove up this driveway, I immediately felt at home and I hope that you feel exactly the same way. 

I am thrilled to embark on this new floral journey and I invite you all to join me!

  • Farmer-Florist School Online Class of 2020 badge
  • Florist Workshop Class of 2019 badge
  • Association oof Specialty Cut Flower Growers badge
New Hope Flora Cottage growing spring flowers

Buy Flowers That Last

The majority of flowers sold in grocery stores and flower shops are imported from countries such as Colombia and Ecuador. These countries have great climates for year-round growing and labor costs are less expensive. But with long travel journeys (largely without water), the flowers never seem to last more than a few days, leaving the impression that flowers are a poor investment. But actually, flowers bought directly from local growers can last up to 1-2 weeks.

New Hope Flora Cottage flower varieties growing in garden

Enjoy Organic & Diverse Varieties

The flower-growing processes in other countries use a lot of chemicals. This contributes to unsafe work environments and leaves the products with a chemical residue. The flowers are also heavily treated with insecticides to pass through customs. And because only the sturdiest flowers survive the trip, the options found in stores are often very limited. But when you purchase from local flower farms, the products are more organic and come in a wider variety, including more delicate, natural options.

New Hope Flora Cottage planting local flowers

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Flowers imported from farms in other countries leave a large carbon footprint. Jet transportation burns fossil fuels, refrigeration consumes energy, and the end-to-end process creates a lot of trash from all the various packaging materials. Buying local flowers helps you feel good about doing your part to cut back on carbon emissions and unnecessary waste.

New Hope Flora Cottage garden bed with flowers

Support Your Community

The inability to match grocery store flower prices has put a lot of domestic flower farms and small flower shops out of business. Shopping from local flower farms helps preserve local green space, supports your ecosystem, and protects the jobs of independent farmers in your community.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How long will my flowers last?

Our local growing practices deliver longer-lasting flowers and a higher-quality floral product than what you can find in most stores. By growing flowers native to Pennsylvania and picking them the same day you receive your order, our bouquets and flower arrangements can last up to 1-2 weeks.

What types of flowers will come in my bouquet or flower arrangement?

All of our bouquets and flower arrangements use seasonal flowers, foliage, and fillers that are currently blooming in our gardens.

What do you use to grow your flowers?

We are committed to organic growing practices. All of our flowers are cultivated right here in our cottage gardens using sunlight, rainwater, and a little tender love and care from our team. Only minimal chemicals are used in the process. We pride ourselves on growing through patience, determination, and a dash of trial and error. 

What types of packaging do you use?

We exclusively use sustainable packaging. All of our flowers are protected by compostable paper and the stems are wrapped in a compostable hydrating wrap. We do our best to be environmentally conscious in all aspects of our business.